Agriculture: Presentation of AET Manuals and Subvention Mechanisms

Cameroonians will henceforth be able to plant crops and have better output thanks to the Agroecological Transition (AET) manual introduced by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Gabriel Mbairobe

The workshop chaired by the Agriculture and Rural Development Boss, was attended by key stakeholders in the agricultural sector.

The validation of the agroecological plan, will contribute to the sustainable improvement of the overall performance of food systems by strengthening the resilience of the most vulnerable farming households.

It will also accelerate the Agroecological Transition of the main agricultural sub sectors and implement climate adaptation measures and climate-SMART agriculture.

The role of the European Union EU in the Agroecological Transition is to ensure producers produce more and be able to take care of their own health through ecological practices.

Minister Gabriel Mbairobe emphasised that the Agroecological Transition is important because it will not only protect the environment but also sustain the biodiversity of our ecosystem, and in turn, increase the income of farmers as well as stop deforestation in the country.

Motangu Vanessa (Intern)

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