Grand Prix URTI International: Digitalization at the Heart of 75th General Assembly in Cameroon

Winners of the 2023 edition is International Radio and Television Union Awards, referred to as the URTI international Grand Prix will received their prizes during the 75th general assembly of the Union holding in Yaounde from September 6 – 8, 2023.
The event will feature a three-day International seminar on the digitalisation on the public media in Africa. The event is coming a time when media organs on the continent are migrating from analogue to digital forms of production and broadcast. It will therefore be are opportunities for stakeholders to share best practices to enhance the process on going digital in the public service media landscape.
Head of public media organs on the continent invited to take part in the deliberations that will also attend a gala evening organised to honour winners of the audio-visual contest. The gala has been organised by the host, public service media, the Cameroon Radio Television, CRTV, who’s Director General, Charles Ndongo is the current president of URTI.
The Yaoundé event will bring media experts from across the globe who are members of the oldest audio-visual international organisation created in 1989 to foster the programme exchanges, the international Grand Prix as well as trainings and co-productions
The contest for the 35th International Radio Grand Prix and the 42nd International Grand Prix for Author’s Documentary – Arman Trophy were organised on the theme “Radio and Peace” which coincide with that of World Radio Day organised by UNESCO.
The International URTI Radio Grand Prix rewards programmes based on research and originality produced in line with the theme of the year. Productions are accepted in all the radio forms: reports, documentaries, essays, fictions, sound compositions, children’s stories…
Winners will grab awards in the following Categories:
The International Radio Grand Prix ($500)
The silver medal
The bronze medal
The Jacques Matthey-Doret Award for Discovery
Digital Works Award

International URTI Grand Prix for Author’s Documentary created in 1981 by the Vice-president of URTI, Armand Lanoux, a French writer, to reward documentaries that stand out by the technical and editorial quality, originality of the subject and of the expressed point of view. It encourages expression of values of tolerance, mutual respect, peace, friendship and understanding between peoples.
Awards Include:
GRAND PRIX Arman Trophy (500 euros to the prize-winning director),
The Silver Medal,
The Bronze Medal,
The Martine Filippi Prize for Discovery
The Digital Works Award.
Originality, concept, subject, interactivity, direction, technique, sound environment, etc are amongst elements taken into consideration by the jury to evaluate productions that sent with the April 18, 2023 deadline. Each radio station can submit at most two programmes that expected to be 52 minutes at the most.
Cameroon’s Former Laureates
The host public service broadcaster of the 2023 edition prides itself with four former winners of the grand prix in both categories.

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