North West Region : Health Experts report rise in Malaria infections

Malaria represents over 31% of hospital consultation and 40% hospitalization in Bamenda, capital of the North West region. The figures have been reported by health officials who talk of an increased number of Malaria infections in the  region of Cameroon, barely two weeks after the start of the new school year. 

Health experts say a malaria patient can be found in three homes in every ten homes in the region. About 14% of deaths recorded  in the region are linked to Malaria, the experts say. 

Heavy rains, an increase in swampy areas which breed the vector female anopheles mosquitoes, poverty, promiscuity, and poor waste disposal in homes largely contribute to the rise in infection.

The health experts also explain that most persons who suffer from Malaria in the region do not usually seek medical care on time. Many of them rely on traditional medicines and medication sold in local markets, most of which are administered  without accurate diagnosis.

Patients are usually forced to rush to the hospital when the situation has aggravated or gone beyond control. 

To cut down on the casualties stemming from poor management of the disease, health experts say locals must respect preventive measures, and visit hospitals for treatment as soon as symptoms show up. 

As a response, officials have announced plans to distribute over one million treated Mosquitoes bed nets in the region before the end of the year to prevent more infections. 

The experts also warn against self-medication and indiscriminate drug administration which usually  causes further complications. 

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