Road Maintenance, Garbage Disposal in Yaounde: Prime Minister Instructs Urgent Measures

Government officials have been instructed to mutualise their efforts and find immediate solutions to the degrading roads and garbage heaps in the capital city. Prime Minister – Head of Government, Joseph Dion Ngute urged members of government and municipal authorities directly concerned with the management of roads and garbage during an inter-ministratial meeting at The Star building in Yaounde this Thursday October 26, 2023.

The meeting sought to address the problem with the interurban road network which is tarnishing the image of Cameroon’s administrative headquarters

The different officials pointed clearly to the potholes that have eaten up portions of the road in the centre of the town.
The situation is further compounded by stockpiles of garbage which are not cleared regularly.

After about three hours of discussions, with the major actors; including the Ministers in charge of Urban Development, Public Works, Decentralization as well as the Mayors of the seven divisions of the Centre Region, it was indicated that the situation has attained worrying about proportions.

The Minister of Housing and Urban Development, Célestine Ketcha Courtes indicated that the population has grown to more than 4.5 million people and therefore increase in garbage disposal. She also indicated that most of the roads have come of age requiring maintenance.

The Minister of Decentralization and Local Development, Georges Elanga Obam outlined some of the solutions envisaged to turn around the situation in Yaounde.

All participants at the inter-ministerial meeting were unanimous that Yaounde deserves a better image and say they are bent on tackling the situation.

The members of government are committed to engage with practical solutions to road maintenance and make use of local materials.

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