2023 World Sambo Champions : Cameroon leaves as 7th ranked and top best in Africa

Nji Mouluh Seidou won Cameroon’s lone gold  medal at the 98kg category in combat Sambo meanwhile Djantou Maxwell grabbed silver in the same category for Cameroon to settle as the second best in Combat Sambo and the seventh ranked in the general statistics of the men’s and women’s plus combat Sambo. This leaves Cameroon as the best in the African continent, ten places ahead of Morocco that ended up at the seventeenth position with just a medal

Out of the twenty-three participating nations Cameroon stamped her presence as the leading Sambo nation in Africa at the 45th edition of the Championships. Nji Mouluh Seidou edged Spanish Silvinio Ezequiel at the quarterfinals, overpowered Ukrainian Voloskinov Amatoly and sailed to the finals to beat Russian Dzhavatkahanov Abdu to win gold at the +98kg.

The win on November 10, 2023 counts for the second gold after 2020 in the career of the combat sports athlete, an honor he said it can only be possible with God

« It was not easy but I thank God for making it possible, this is the second time I am raising the bars high for my Country Cameroon in the international arenas. I came from Riyadh in Saudi Arabia where I was third in the combat championships and I won here in Armenia, I want to thank Cameroon for this opportunity » gold medalist, Nji Mouluh Seidou

On day-2 in Yerevan, another Cameroonian Julien Tombou Mouafo failed to win in the +98kg just like Celestin William Fokam in the -71kg category. The fourth Cameroonian to mount the podium was Maxwell Djantou whose best took him to silver medal at the finals

The world champion expressed his satisfaction after the round while stating that it was more of a learning process for him and a training ground ahead of the 2024 Africa Sambo Championship in Egypt.

SAMBO International Federation (FIAS) is a non-governmental public non-commercial organisation, uniting national SAMBO federations. FIAS is the only recognised international organisation being in charge of the development of SAMBO in the world and her athletes topped the medal chart at the world championships in Yerevan with a total of 18 medals; 13 in gold, 2 silver and 3 bronze while Uzbekistan settled for the second position with 6 medals, 2 in gold and Kazakhstan at the third with a gold medal and eight in total

Benly Anchunda

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