Cameroon Medical Council : Seven contestants head to the polls on December 9

About 2800 Medical doctors who have fulfilled all membership requirements in Cameroon Medical Council will elect a new president on December 9, 2023. 

The candidates comprise six men and one woman, seeking a three-year term to replace Dr. Guy Sandjon, the outgoing president. The candidates are ; Dr. Olga Yvonne Bassong, Prof Emmanuel Noël Essomba, Dr Rodolphe Fonkoua, Dr Pierre Yves Bassong, Dr Manga Hyacinthe Théodat, Dr. Claude Bernard Kamta Ngui and Dr Jean Berthelot Zambo. 

The election will take place about one year after the previous election of the President of the Medical Council failed to hold. 

The Seven Contestants 

Among the seven contestants for the presidency of the Cameroon Medical Council is Olga Yvonne Bassong Mankollo, the lone woman. 

Dr. Olga Yvonne Bassong

She is a Medical Doctor, Public Health Consultant and Associate Professor of Epidemiology and Clinical Biology at the Catholic University of Central Africa.

Dr. Olga Yvonne Bassong

Dr. Olga Yvonne Bassong has a 13-point manifesto for the elections. Some key projects on her list include the restoration of the dignity of the medical core, facilitation of integration of young medical doctors in the private, public, mission and international organizations, and updating the list of medical doctors registered with the Cameroon Medical council. She also promises to ensure continuous capacity building for medical doctors in the country. 

Prof. Emmanuel Noël Essomba

Prof Emmanuel Noël Essomba is the Director of the Douala Laquintinine Hospital. He is also a Senior University Lecturer and Lecturer at the National School of Administration and Magistracy ( ENAM). He has headed may health structures in the country before his appointment as Director of the Laquintinine hospital in 2020.

Prof Emmanuel Noël Essomba

Prof Emmanuel Noël Essomba has gone on a fierce campaign to conquer the 2800 votes at the elections. He wants to facilitate  the integration of medical doctors into the job market, especially those in the diapora, the decentralization of regional offices of the Cameroon Medical Council, digitalize medical activities in Cameroon and ensure the ethics and deontology of the medical profession is respected. He also looking forward  to institute a minimum wage for all medical doctors irrespective of the health facility where they work. 

Dr. Rodolphe Fonkoua

Dr. Rodolphe Fonkoua is the Director General of the Idimed Polyclinic in Douala. He has been a member of the Cameroon Medical Council for over 25 years . The health expert goes into history as the first Cameroonian to have created a hemodialysis centre. The centre was inaugurated on April 4, 2019 in Douala. Dr. Fonkoua has served as the doctor of Union Sportive de Douala for 15 years.

Dr. Rodolphe Fonkoua


He is poised to making sure  graduate medical doctors are well integrated in the job market. Dr. Rodolphe Fonkoua has an ambition of creating a permanent information unit for young doctors within the secretariat of the Cameroon Medical Council in order  to provide guidance to young graduate doctors . Some of his  goals are to create professional civil societies and a support fund that can grant low cost loans to young doctors who want to set up health structures. 

Dr. Pierre Yves Bassong

Dr. Pierre Yves Bassong is the youngest medical doctor heading to the polls for the post of President of the Cameroon Medical Council. 

The 41-year-old health expert is a Neurologist and Lecturer at the Faculty of Health Sciences of the University of Bamenda. Dr Yves Pierre Bassong, is also a co-founding member of  the Cameroon Doctors Trade Union Association.

Dr. Pierre Yves Bassong


His overall goal is to give a new lease of life to the governance and functioning of the Cameroon Medical Council. Dr. Bassong is bent on building a passionate and fulfilling medical core should he be voted for the top position. 

Dr. Manga Hyacinthe Théodat

Dr Manga Théodat is an Ophthalmologist and President of the Cameroon Society of Ophthalmology (SCO). He has been the manager of Cabinet Médical La Cerisaie since 2003.

The presidential hopeful obtained a Doctorate degree in medicine in 1986 at the University Center for Science and Health (CUSS), Yaounde.

The 63-year old ophthalmologist counts over 30 years of experience. He has worked in many parts of the country including being lead doctor of the Mayo-Oulo District Hospital in Northern Cameroon from 1987-1989.  He also worked as the deputy Secretary General of the Cameroon Medical Council for 10 years .

Dr Manga Théodat

Dr. Manga Théodat wants to bring order to the Medical Council, fight unemployment and poverty in the medical core before the end of the three-year mandate. Ensuring  continuous professional development is also a concern for the aspirant.

Dr. Claude Bernard Kamta Ngui

He is a Neurosurgeon at the Douala General Hospital, President and Director General of Action Santé Neurologique (ASCAN). 

He has been a member of the Council from 2019- 2022, and says he no longer wants the  structure to look like a “a besieged citadel”.

Dr. Kamta Ngui contributed to creating a website for the Cameroon Medical Council, and the completely digitized the structure. He was also part of the team that worked on modernizing the financial and administrative management of the Council and produced the design and creation of the Medical Council TV.

Dr. Kamta Ngui

He is also amongst those who continuously advocated for the retirement age to be extended by 5 years from 55-60years. 

His is running for the top office with the slogan “, “Together to go further.”

Dr. Jean Berthelot Zambo

He is a surgeon and Director of the Funs Aqua vivens Medical Center. 

He wants to restore the deontology and ethics of the medical  profession in Cameroon. Dr Jean Berthelot Zambo will ensure health experts have access to insurance and life insurance for all medical doctors. He also plans to empower medical doctors at the grassroots.

Dr Jean Berthelot Zambo

He has been a member of the Cameroon Medical Council for many years. 

The highly contested elections will take place on December 9 at the Yaoundé Conference Centre if no hitches are encountered. Last year, the elections which were scheduled to take place on December 29 was marred by internal wrangling. 

Kathy Neba Sina

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