FIFA Forward: Cameroon; A Beneficiary of FCFA 5.9 Billion

The recently published Global Report of the FIFA Forward project which zooms on development activities between 2016-2022 spells out the details of the forward funding on Cameroon’s grassroots football with the sum of USD 9.9 million approximately 5.9 billions in FCFA for FIFA Forward 3.0 investment in football development

The Cameroonian Football Federation, FECAFOOT, is just one of the fifty out of the fifty-four football associations that benefits from USD 118.7 millions allocated to CAF member associations.

The FIFA Forward project has touched 15,000 people: 10,576 men and 4,536 women within six years in the CAF Member Associations plus 46 capacity development projects that have helped transform the African football landscape in a big way through improved infrastructure.

Infact, some 144 projects were carried out and 94 new pitches laid between the 2016-2022 timeline.

The growth potential of women’s football on the continent came to the forefront with more than 10,000 girls and women benefitting from some of the 36 competitions launched.

The FIFA Forward Project: Case of Cameroon

The Cameroon Football Federation, FECAFOOT has been a major beneficiary of the USD 2.8 billions made available for investment in 211 member associations of FIFA as well as confederations and the various zonal/regional associations to help in improving and modernizing the beautiful game of football.

# Cameroon benefitted with the construction of the FECAFOOT Technical Centre at Odza in Yaounde; a centre that has continuously served as training ground to national selections and first and second division clubs in the country.

# In 2020, FECAFOOT launched a project to modernize a state of art football facility, accompanied by the construction of a hotel and the renovation of a dormitory at the sports complex.

# The country has reaped from the Forward Programme with the setting up of synthetic turf in some of the stadia that have been playing host to national women’s championships and also training grounds to elite one and two teams in Yaounde.

# The improved performances of football teams at all levels and the fast integration into modern football can only be thanks to the impact of the technical centre, home to national teams and local clubs.

Specific projects of the FIFA Forward in Cameroon

# Construction of three football infrastructure

# Construction of two playing grounds

# Setting up of the Odza football technical centre, harbouring two areas with lodging facilities, conference centres, synthetic turfs, sporting hall and lighting systems amongst others.

Detailing of Approved Funding

The USD 9.9 million allocated to the Cameroon Football Federation, FECAFOOT, was judiciously partitioned as follows:

– Operation cost: 5.5 million

– Projects : 1.3 million

– Equipment 0.5 million

The approved funding was further utilized like this:

– Infrastructure: 4.3 million
– Administration and Governance: 1.7 million

– Equipment and other: 1.6 million

– Competitions: 1.2 million

– Women’s football : 0.7 million

– National selections: 0.4 million

– Reinforcement of competences: 0.2 million

Between 2016 and 2022, more than 1,600 projects with a long-term impact on football development were approved worldwide

Approximatively, a third (524) of these projects were related to football infrastructure, including a significant number that focused on technical centres and stadiums, where skills are honed and football inspires all.

Furthermore, 208 projects for new or revamped competitions offered playing opportunities for more than 300,000 male and female players worldwide.

Support for national teams to participate in international competitions, friendly matches and training camps was provided through 162 different projects. This was reinforced by capacity development in education and training for coaches, referees, etc, that directly benefitted 190,622 participants, while the structures that have been established will impact many more in the future.

Benly Anchunda


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