National Assembly: 2024 State Budget Adopted

The 2024 State Budget of the Republic of Cameroon which stands at, 6,679 Billion 500 Million has been examined and adopted at the National Assembly.


It was adopted each of the budgetary allocations to government ministries and specialised organisations were defended first in front of the Committee on Budget and Finance by the respective Minister or their representatives and subsequently in plenary.

The last set of Ministries that filed – past the Finance and Budget Committee of the National Assembly chaired by Hon. Moutymbo Rosette Epse Ayayi on December 4, 2023.

The Ministers defended their draft budgetary allocations which stands as follows:

– Minister of Housing and Urban Development, budget defended, 148 Billion, 498 Million.

– Minister of Scientific Research and Innovation, 14 Billion, 871 Million.

– Minister of Women’s Affairs and the Family, 9 Billion, 563 million.

– Minister of Sport and Physical Education, 24 Billion 799 millions.

– Minister of Communication, 5 Billion, 841 Million.

– Minister of Public Contracts, 14 Billion 773 Million.

– Minister of Arts and Culture, 6 Billion 358 Million.

– Minister of Territorial Administration, 40 Billion, 634 Million

– Minister of Forestry and Wildlife, 3 Billion 552 Million.

The Minister of Finance defended the draft budgets of Ministry of Territorial Administration, Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife and Ministry of Arts and Culture.

The Ministers are currently out of the Country for State duties.

The proceedings of the of the plenary for the adoption of the 2024 finance bill was marked by a question and answer session with the Minister of Finance responding to some amendments put forward on the 2024 Finance Bill by some parliamentarians of opposition political parties in the National Assembly.

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