Bilingualism Week: Closing Ceremony Highlights Importance of English and French

“There is no second language in Cameroon; just the other language,” argues Secondary Education Minister, Prof Pauline Nalova Lyonga.

The Minister was speaking during a ceremony this February 6, 2024, to mark the end of the 19th edition of the National Week of Bilingualism which was commemorated on the theme, “Bilingualism: Vector of digitalisation of education and the promotion of civic and moral values for a peaceful and emergent Cameroon”.

Activities to mark this year’s edition were launched in Bertoua on January 29, 2024.

Unlike previous years where activities covered five days, this edition spanned nine days with activities ranging from the official launch to launching ceremonies in other towns, activities in schools in different parts of Cameroon and an open door day and exhibitions at the Ministry of Secondary Education in Yaounde.

The closing ceremony was a blend of cultural and educative activities, all geared towards promoting bilingualism.

A debate on the theme of the National Week of Bilingualism also took place as students from schools across Cameroon argued for and against the place of bilingualism the digitalisation of schools.

The encounter was also forum to discuss ways of ammeliorating the Special Bilingual Programme in schools.

At the end of the celebration, the Minister of Secondary Education told all those present that they have the option to choose to be Bilingual or not, but advised them to note the advantages of bilingualism and make it their choice.

Eleanor Ayuketah Ngochi

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