Youth Day 2024: President Paul Biya Fast Tracks Youth Empowerment

The President of the Republic has facilitated the acquisition of skills that are indispensable for socio-professional empowerment of Cameroonian youth.

In his message to the youth on the 58th edition of the Youth Day, President Paul Biya announced that fees for vocational training to 10% of the initial cost.

“I have also prescribed the reduction of school fees in vocational training centres of excellence from 500 thousand CFA francs to 50 thousand CFA francs to enable the greatest number of youths to access quality training.”
The drastic drop in the cost of training is expected to improve the professionalization of training and education – job matching.

Youth Empowerment

The President’s message to the youth also included other announcements of measures to improve the welfare pf the Cameroonian youth.

The President of the Republic announced the setting up of a skills development mechanism, “I have instructed the Government to set up a competitive skills development mechanism. Such is the idea behind the Secondary Education and Skills Development Support Project for Growth and Employment.

It helps to finance initial and continuing worker training. It also seeks to build the capacity of stakeholders in the social economy and the informal sector where many young people operate.”

He also encouraged the youths to strive for self-employment as a means to achieve socio-professional integration quoting the example of the Entrepreneurship Promotion Programme that contributed to the establishment of 12 thousand new businesses that generated 22 thousand direct jobs in 2023.

President Paul Biya also launched the three year Integrated Import Substitution plan 2024 – 2026.

Youth and Moral Values

President Paul Biya has called on the Cameroonian youth to inculcate values of hard work, integrity, patriotism, tolerance, civic mindedness, compliance with the law and respect of the common good.

He pointed to a decline of these values in society. He also warned of the misuse of the social media by young people before encouraging parents and educators to take their responsibility.

Youth and Immigration

The growing desire by youth to migrate also featured in the President’s message. He reminded the youths of the illusions and perils of the emigration at all cost.

The said the youths have the task of preserving Cameroon’s present and future with faith and determination.

Youths and Fuel Pump Prices Hikes

The President noted that the increase in fuel prices were unavoidable, however he has freeze the prices of kerosene and cooking gas.

“You should know that this operation was inevitable, owing to the current budget constraints and our desire to avert shortages.”

Youths and the Indomitable Lions

The President has saluted the Cameroonian youth for their dignity in the face of defeat, “Victory does not happen by chance.

It requires not only talent, but also courage, discipline, organization and hard work (…) The Government and particularly the Ministry in charge of sports have received clear instructions in that regard.”

He also mentioned the exploits of Francis Ngannou who marveled the entire world in his maiden boxing fight. He assured youths and that Cameroon will win again.

“After all, as you so aptly put it using a term the secret of which you alone have, we are the Continent,” President Paul Biya.

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