CRTV Nord-Ouest

The North West Regional Station of CRTV began in 1980 in an experimental Stage under the then Radio Cameroon, known then as  Radio  Bamenda, it opened with an old 1 kilo watt transmitter picked up then from radio Douala. The transmission was done on 1152 kilo hertz on 1260 meters band medium wave.

Today, however, broadcast is being transmitted through 92.5 and 107.00 megahertz on frequency modulation.

The station began with three staff under the first station manager, Henry NEBA FABS who was replaced one year later by FAI Henry FONYE. He managed the station for three years and was replaced in 1984 by Peterson YUH.

In 1986, John DAHNE succeeded Peterson YUH and headed the station for two years.

In the meantime, in 1987 due to a strike action by journalist of the radio, the department of Radio Broadcasting and Cameroon Television (CTV) which have been operating as separate entities were fused in December 1987 by a presidential degree to become the “Cameroon Radio Television Corporation”….. CRTV.

John DAHNE thus became the first station manager to head CRTV North West before handing over to SAMMY ANGUH in 1988. This latter also handled the running of the station for two years and once again FAI Henry FONYE came in as station manager. Two year later he died, making way for Phillip BAWE to run the station from 1992 on interim basis. One year later, Michael NDZE took over as station manager. He managed the station for four years and was replaced by NYOH Moses in 1997.

After three years, NYOH Moses made way for Michel MOINJEL NGOL who stayed as station manager from 2000 to 2006. Joseph NKELE MEWANU came in, in 2006 and headed the station for five years.

Following a reform and a decision of the board of CRTV in 2010, the ten regional stations were classified according to grades. CRTV North West, therefore, became a grade one Regional Station that is a station without any proximity radio attached to was after this decision that a new Station Manager was appointed in the person of Frederick ETA BESONG. His installation took place on March, 04, 2011 and was in that capacity till the 02nd of September 2015, following the appointment of the first ever female station manager to head the North West Regional station in the person of Marie-Louise NGWA CHIEKA. She was installed into office on the 15th of September 2015 by the Assistant General Manager, CRTV Mballa II Francis WETE.


 The mission of CRTV North West is to:

  • inform, educate and entertain the audience
  • Explain government action
  • Bring to the spotlight the lives of the people, the they are living, their problems their exploits and their expectations etc./-


  • To be able to cover the entire North West Region.
  • To multiply the number of investigative reports, documentaries, in-depth reports and magazines on the North West of Cameroon

In the elaboration of its programme’s guide, CRTV North West takes into account the Radio needs of all its listeners hence they can easily identify themselves with what is on air.In line with this vision, the Station organizes monthly out- door broadcast in the various Divisions of the Region.In order to promote and vulgarize government action and that of her partners in the North West Region: the programme’s guide includes interactive talk shows like “Yours and mine” in the English language and “Ballade dans le Nord Ouest” in the French language.

They are broadcast every Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 9:30 and 10:30 to 11:30 respectively. The target population here and some senior citizens at home and offices.

The programmes are aimed at educating and enlightening the population on key issues in all the domains of human life.

The most popular talk show of the station is the highlands morning show that occupies the air-waves every Monday to Thursday from 4:45 am to 7 am with the target audience being those mostly above thirty.

Reliable information in its entire dimension is brought to the population of the North West Region through our various news-cast in English every Monday to Friday at 7 am and 6:30 pm.

We equally provide an in-depth analysis of the major News making events of the week during our weekend News Magazine every Saturday at 8:30 am in English and in French at 11:30 am. There is a rebroadcast on Sunday at 10:30 am.

The one hour programme “Press Forum” serves as an appetizer to these magazines as it is broadcast every Friday from 4:45 am. During the programme Senior Journalists including some from other media houses analyze the major captions from the main Newspapers in the country.

25 National languages are broadcast over CRTV North West with an average broadcast time of over one hour and thirty minutes every week day. The National language broadcasters also edify the public on the cultures and traditions of the North West Region through the programme dubbed “Knowing the North-West”. Our programme’s guide is also designed to quench the thirst of our listeners for specific information on socio-cultural issues; the environment, agriculture and livestock; education, health, economic mutations and politics. This has been done through the introduction of programmes like “Issues” broadcast every Wednesday at 8 am with a rebroadcast on Saturday at 9:30 pm; “Mothers fathers and children” broadcast every Monday from 8:00 am with a rebroadcast on Saturday at 7:30 pm; “Nature” Broadcast every Tuesday at 8:00 am and rebroadcast on Saturday at 8:30 pm. “Agriculture and the rural world” comes-up every Monday at 9 pm with a rebroadcast on Friday at 9 pm; “reaching out to persons with disabilities” is every Friday as from 10-30 am, while “Dr on call” comes up on Saturday at 10 am; “On campus” is broadcast every Wednesday at 6 pm and Fridays at 8:30pm while “facing the mirror” is broadcast every Tuesday and Friday at 9:30pm.

The audience of CRTV North west can also listen to first class magazines and documentaries on a variety of issues and domains every Thursday and Friday at 8pm with a rebroadcast on Saturday at 10:15 pm.

During the weekends the menu is mostly light hearted:

On Saturdays for example, the youths have a pride of place with programmes like “theatre time” at 6:45 am “Happy birthday” at 8 am kids’ corner at 9:30 am and “Youth forum” at midday.

“Leisure” at 11 am and “Sunday afternoon request” at 2 pm also provide afternoon relaxation for our listeners on Sundays. They serve as a break between a heavily charged religious agenda that begins at 5 am punctuated by news magazines like “Cameroon calling” and “Dimanche midi” relayed from Yaoundé.  After a late after relay of the network sports programme, the evening shift is equally dominated by religious news and programmes.


1.             MUNGAKA

2.             BAFUT

3.             MANKON

4.             KEDJOM

5.             BAMENDANKWEN

6.             META

7.             MBILIE

8.             OSHIE

9.             NKWEN

10.        MUBAKOH

11.        MOGHAMO

12.        NGWO



13.        NGIE

14.        PINYIN

15.        MENKA

16.        AGHEM

17.        KOM

18.        LAMNSO

19.        NSEI

20.        LIMBUM

21.        FULFULDE

22.        HAUSSA

23.        NONI

24.        YAMBA

25.        OKU



 Frequency on which the station relays the National station

 National Station:   89.4MHz

 Local: ….…………..…92.5 MHz (covers some of the subdivisions) and

                                  107.0 MHz (covers Bamenda Central)